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The Central Bank of Venezuela (Banco Central de Venezuela, BCV) is the central bank of Venezuela. It maintains a fixed exchange rate for the Venezuelan bolívar. Nelson Merentes is the President of the Central Bank of Venezuela.[1] Merentes is a representative of Venezuela for the International Monetary Fund.

Sicad Modifica

The currency exchange system in Venezuela is known as the "Ancillary Foreign Currency Administration System" or Sicad.[2]


The Central Bank is able to issue bonds through the "SITME" market. In 2012, it was reported that $44 million worth of bonds were purchased through SITME in a single day for Petroleos de Venezuela SA.[3]

Presidents of the Central Bank of Venezuela Modifica

President from until
Jesús Herrera Mendoza19401948
Carlos Mendoza Goiticoa19481953
Aurelio Arreaza Arreaza19531958
Alfonso Espinosa19581960
Alfredo Machado Gómez19611968
Benito Raúl Losada19681971
Alfredo Lafée19711976
Benito Raúl Losada19761979
Carlos Rafael Silva19791981
Leopoldo Díaz Bruzual19811984
Benito Raúl Losada19841986
Hernán Anzola19861987
Mauricio García Araujo19871989
Pedro R. Tinoco, hijo19891992
Miguel Rodríguez Fandeo1992
Ruth de Krivoy19921994
Antonio Casas González19941999
Diego Luis Castellanos20002005
Gastón Parra Luzardo20052009
Nelson Merentes Díaz20092013
Edmée Betancourt2013
Eudomar Tovar20132014
Nelson Merentes Díaz2014In office

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